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Free Transmorpher 2 Game
Transmorpher 2
great adventure game where you#39;re ...
Free Contact alien jigsaw puzzle Game
Contact alien jigsaw puzzle
Aliens have messed up all the pieces of this puzzle ...
Free Love on earth Game
Love on earth
you#39;re an alien who#39;re sick of seeing ...
Free Airplane! Game
this alien you see mounted on a spacecraft to take off and reach ...
Free Ufo 101 Game
Ufo 101
You will handle a spaceship with an alien ...
Free Ufo pig Game
Ufo pig
Manage this ship by the vast galaxy and avoid ...
Free Alien Ovzi Game
Alien Ovzi
this alien you see in the picture is called ...
Free Skyrunners: UFO dossier Game
Skyrunners: UFO dossier
you have to drive the alien ship to your brother ...
Free Alien teleporter Game
Alien teleporter
Play this fun game of thinking as the alien ...
Free Alien Super Pang Game
Alien Super Pang
Play classic game Super Pang in a more modern ...
Free Sucks goats Game
Sucks goats
You#39;re an alien girl who has come to the planet ...

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Free Cow vs aliens Game
Cow vs aliens
You#39;re a space cow and your mission is to fight ...
Free Alien Attack 2 Game
Alien Attack 2
Aliens are attacking our planet and now we have to defend ...
Free Space Marine Game
Space Marine
you#39;re one of the best Marines of the United ...
Free Parachutes alien Game
Parachutes alien
the aliens want to land on our planet earth ...
Free Ben 10 vs predator Game
Ben 10 vs predator
Our friend Ben 10 landed on the planet predator ...
Free Rebels Game
Rebel is a war game where you have to rescue ...
Free Alien exists Game
Alien exists
funny animation giving a global ...
Free The wars of worlds Game
The wars of worlds
another animation of these naughty ...
Free Space escape Game
Space escape
Spaceship game in which you must eliminate all the aliens ...
Free Alien 2: invaders Game
Alien 2: invaders
UFOs are invading our galaxy and you have to stop a ship that you supplied ...
Free Hobo 5: Space Adventure Game
Hobo 5: Space Adventure
Martians have abducted many humans and one of them is you. you have to fight ...
Free Aster blaster Game
Aster blaster
aster blaster must save nero, another ...
Free Ben 10 space war Game
Ben 10 space war
Help our friend Ben 10 to destroy all enemies ...


UFOs Games

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It is known that there will be able aliengenas on other planets, because if there is life on our planet can exist on other worlds as well. It is believed that these aliens will be able to have much more technology than us, so we will be able to be hostile and try to destroy us or enslave us.

If aliengenas appear on our planet to conquer, t sers one of the pilots who Bern take the most advanced aircraft of the earth to stop them before they take land. Dodge enemy ships and their shots while knocked down one by one until you reach the mothership, if you get habrterminado destroy the invasion.

Even if you get destroy in some parts of the world continued invasion, you must eradicate this threat before they reach new UFO able to help his friends. Destroy enemy tanks firing from your plane, because if you get knocked down debers fight on foot to kill every one of them.

Sers able to save humanity?

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