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Turtles Games

You must be faster than a turtle in these games

These animals are one of the most slow across the globe, there are two general classes turtles but then there todavams species. These differ between land and water, but are very similar water rarely tread the earth and only go to the beaches to lay their eggs to return to sea immediately afterwards.

Although they are slow animals eat only plants are really hard and they have a really hard carapace as a primary defense where they can hide if another animal attacked them. But even seem harmless this changes when a small sample of radioactive material falls upon four pequeas turtles, convirtindolas a semi humanoid after being rescued by Master Splinter and bred by l become ninjas thanks to the teachings of his master.

These four ninja turtles justicieras be devoted to fighting evil using his martial arts techniques and using their carapace to withstand the knocks enemies, all while having fun at how nice eating pizza.

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