free Donald Trump Games

free Donald Trump Games

The famous businessman and now president-elect of the United States of America already has its own category on our website. Its controversial character has led to him to be protagonist of numerous games that you will be able to find here, in Fandejuegos.

Donald Trump Games

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Donald Trump Pinball
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Donald Trump in Mexico
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Trump on the bullseye
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Trump: Funny Faces
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Trump Run
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Whack the Trump: Jokes
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Donald Trump: Inauguration Game
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Trump vs Donkeys

+ Donald Trump Games

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Games

How to play Donald Trump free, no downloads

Donald Trump is a famous American businessman who has made even more popular after making the jump to politics with his candidacy for the Republican Party. It has been the most controversial candidate in the US elections and the end has earned him the win. Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States of America and will take office in January 2017, being the forty-fifth (45th) president of this country. His political controversy over illegal immigration, wanting to build a wall along the border with Mexico has been one of its most criticized policies worldwide.

Before that, Donald Trump was known for his great fortune he had earned through real estate business, becoming an all television celebrity. Among its highlights are the business hotel chains, television host with a reality called The Apprendice, where a number of participants with a cash prize playing and directing one of the companies tycoon Trump. Moreover, it has been for many years the majority partner of the largest beauty contest worldwide Miss Universe. This organization was also responsible for choosing the most beautiful girls in the United States in the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

His great leap into politics, becoming the elected President of the United States has earned him to be the protagonist of many games and minigames. That is why we have created a category to encompass all the games that have as protagonist. Everything starts from the presidential campaign where his disagreements with the opposition candidate, Hillary Clinton, have been discussed. Play with Donald Trump to get the presidency, you can also comb their hair as commented or carry out military battles with this president. All this and much more you can find in this section, which will be updated with the newest progressively Donald Trump. You can not lose this!

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