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Trolls Games

Poppy and her friends will fight against the Bergens

The last great success in the world of animated films is Trolls, the film produced by DreamWorks that tells the adventures of Poppy and her friends, who after a long time of quiet have seen threatened by the green trolls. They are a colorful tribe of trolls who love to party and sing, are the happiest beings in the forest. In contrast to these are the Bergens that are a race of evil creatures who only think about eating trolls. This tribe survives the attack of the Bergens and live in hiding while Bergens think that Trolls have become extinct.

One day, a big party organized by Poppy makes Bergens discover the town of attack Trolls and taking many of the Trolls. Now Poppy with Branch (Ramon) will have to go in their quest and embark on a great adventure to save the Bergens evil Trolls. A fantastic story full of fun, action, love and lots of dancing and songs that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Now the Trolls come to our website to distribute part of their joy with our users. You can enjoy the best games with Poppy and her friends, having to dress the protagonist or coloring. You can also live tremendous adventures with trolls fighting Bergens and countless other things. If you liked the movie Trolls can now continue the story on our website, with these great games!

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