free Treasure chests Games

free Treasure chests Games

Get rich quick by starting the search for the treasure chest. Search the ancient cities or in the deepest of the sea to find a trunk full of jewels and gold coins that will solve your life. Begin your adventures by finding treasure chests pirates and many others.

Treasure chests Games

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+ Treasure chests Games

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treasure chests

Treasure chests Games

How to play treasure chests free, no downloads

We've all dreamed of finding a fabulous treasure and get rich, others however prefer to enjoy the adventure that can lead us to find ancient ruins filled with gold. You can join as Nathan Drake experienced adventurers to explore ruins in remote parts of the globe.

You can also accompany Dora the Explorer to the beach to look for buried treasure or a pyramid over 3000 years old to find a treasure. But beware the mummies kept the treasure and have woken up, grab a gun and fight them before they kill you or Dora.

Or we can go in search of the treasure cave with Aladino, using the magic carpet combining it with street thief skills we overcome the ramps and fight the guards that protect the gold. If we manage to overcome the treasure will be ours and Aladdin will come back as a real prince before the Sultan to grant him the hand of his daughter, to finally marry Jasmine.

Searches the ruins of ancient cities like Azteka in Mexico, deep sea using specialized submarines, or dive into a pyramid. Anything goes as long hunt down the hidden treasure chest and may have solved life forever.

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