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Free Transformer 3 Game
Transformer 3
the transformer have returned to earth to eliminate ...
Free Transformers optimus prime vs autobots Game
Transformers optimus prime vs autobots
move with optimus prime in the city for enmig. ...
Free Paint Transformers online Game
Paint Transformers online
With this fun game you can paint coloring ...
Free Transformers Optimus Prime Game
Transformers Optimus Prime
interacts with Optimus Prime of the Autobots ...
Free Create Transformers Game
Create Transformers
Now you can create your own transformers, customize weapons ...
Free Transformers 4 Game
Transformers 4
Play this game transformers where you must battle numerous ...
Free Transformers 2 Game
Transformers 2
the city needs you to delete all the machines ...
Free Transformer great battle Game
Transformer great battle
playing the last game of the transformer where you have to find various ...
Free Dress transformers Game
Dress transformers
In this game you can create your own transformers ...
Free Robot creator Transformers Game
Robot creator Transformers
we will have to create a transformers toy robot ...
Free Transformers truck Game
Transformers truck
Play this fun game Transformers Truck. your mission is to transport ...
Free Transformers bots wars Game
Transformers bots wars
the transform come together to confront the evil robot ...
Free Transformers voltran Game
Transformers voltran
avanza levels walking the platforms ...
Free Transformers optimus prime failed Game
Transformers optimus prime failed
the commander of the autobots, optimus prime ...
Free Transformers: Optimus Prime defends Earth Game
Transformers: Optimus Prime defends Earth
Transform yourself into the Transformers Optimus ...
Free Strength of autobot Game
Strength of autobot
ironhide helps our friends, Optimus ...
Free Creator of autobots Game
Creator of autobots
if you had the power to create robots ...
Free Transform Transformers Game
Transform Transformers
The most dangerous robot army in the galaxy ...
Free Transformers Wanted Game
Transformers Wanted
Move around the city with Optimus Prime annihilating ...
Free Transformers Titans Return Game
Transformers Titans Return
The Decepticons again threaten Earth ...
Free Transformers bike ride Game
Transformers bike ride
Learn to control the bike Transformers Optimus ...
Free Transformers: hidden stars Game
Transformers: hidden stars
have a good time playing this fun game where ...
Free Motorcycle transformers 2 Game
Motorcycle transformers 2
helps control transformers has his new bike that will help you has to travel ...
Free Transformers: fandejuegos puzzles Game
Transformers: fandejuegos puzzles
For lovers of puzzles we bring this fantastic ...
Free Transformer 3: puzzles Game
Transformer 3: puzzles
Enjoy making these puzzles ...
Free Repair your Transformers Game
Repair your Transformers
Guardian Knights return to our planet ...
Free Transformers dead planet Game
Transformers dead planet
interacts with the transformers you see in the photo ...
Free Transformers: Hidden Objects Game
Transformers: Hidden Objects
Megatron and his army have hidden objects among ...
Free Bionicle transformer Game
Bionicle transformer
Bionicles the world is threatened by an alien ...
Free Transformers survival Game
Transformers survival
You have to become a Transformer to live this exciting ...
Free Transformers and energon Game
Transformers and energon
Energon is the energy that feeds all transformers. ...
Free Transformers showdown Game
Transformers showdown
Transformers great game where you have to move forward ...
Free Transformer, hidden objects Game
Transformer, hidden objects
in this game you have to find all the hidden ...
Free Transformers puzzles Game
Transformers puzzles
Here is a new challenge of skill where ...

+ Transformers Games

Free Transformers motorcycle Game
Transformers motorcycle
play this new game where you pilot a peculiar ...
Free Transformers robot Game
Transformers robot
you`re a transformers robot who has to rescue ...
Free Truckformers Game
City of ageles acid nearly destroyed by robots ...
Free Bloody fighter Game
Bloody fighter
Fantastic fighting game where you can choose ...
Free GI Joe Game
GI Joe
defeat the evil robot that are attacking the earth ...
Free Big hero 6 transformers Game
Big hero 6 transformers
hiro and baymax need help to reprogram the new transformation ...
Free Shin Chan, transformer Game
Shin Chan, transformer
Great platform game where our friend ...
Free Transformer in Roblox Game
Transformer in Roblox
Libra an interplanetary war with the Transformer in the world ...


Transformers Games

How to play transformers free, no downloads

Transformers are an alien race of robots come from another planet called Cybertron, which was destroyed once by civil war. The survivors of this race came to Earth as a planet is very similar to yours, but the transformers are divided into two factions, Autobots and Decepticons.

The Autobots know how precious life is and try to protect it, while the Decepticon only think of power and eliminate all those who oppose their goals. That is why the conflict between these two factions still very much alive, as the Decepticon want to eliminate all humans and animals of the earth to drain your energy creating their home planet again.

Luckily for humans the Autobots fight to defend humanity. They disguised as ordinary vehicles and currents are mixed among humans to protect them without realizing it, since only a few know of its existence and struggle with them for saving us all. Its processing capacity is what will name the series, hence is titled Transformers.

Here you can live the adventures of these characters with endless games that have as protagonists. Robots in Disguise Transformers, Transformers Prime, etc.: based on the series in all its aspects games. Fight with the Transformers and have overcome their evil enemies can thus save mankind from this danger. You can color the characters to bring them more colors you like and get a new air. You can also throw yourself into a lab and start making your own Transformers with which to carry out new adventures and help in the fight against the enemy clan.

There are many activities that will be able to perform with the protagonists of Transformers. If this is one of your favorite series and enjoy each of its chapters you can not miss this section we have created for you. Start playing the mini-games that are available and you will make time to play the latest developments that come out and bring as quickly as possible. What a fun starts with handling these robots!

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