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Transformers Games

Get together with Optimus Prime in Transformers

Transformers are an alien race of robots come from another planet called Cybertron, which was destroyed once by civil war. The survivors of this race came to Earth as a planet is very similar to yours, but the transformers are divided into two factions, Autobots and Decepticons.

The Autobots know how precious life is and try to protect it, while the Decepticon only think of power and eliminate all those who oppose their goals. That is why the conflict between these two factions still very much alive, as the Decepticon want to eliminate all humans and animals of the earth to drain your energy creating their home planet again.

Luckily for humans the Autobots fight to defend humanity. They disguised as ordinary vehicles and currents are mixed among humans to protect them without realizing it, since only a few know of its existence and struggle with them for saving us all. Its processing capacity is what will name the series, hence is titled Transformers.

Here you can live the adventures of these characters with endless games that have as protagonists. Robots in Disguise Transformers, Transformers Prime, etc.: based on the series in all its aspects games. Fight with the Transformers and have overcome their evil enemies can thus save mankind from this danger. You can color the characters to bring them more colors you like and get a new air. You can also throw yourself into a lab and start making your own Transformers with which to carry out new adventures and help in the fight against the enemy clan.

There are many activities that will be able to perform with the protagonists of Transformers. If this is one of your favorite series and enjoy each of its chapters you can not miss this section we have created for you. Start playing the mini-games that are available and you will make time to play the latest developments that come out and bring as quickly as possible. What a fun starts with handling these robots!

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