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Torture Games

Make them suffer with your tortures

Torture existed since the early medieval times when caught people and assaulted them to get some information.

In the game you will torture them terrible suffering to the characters in each game to see how they can resist. These characters have a great supernatural force able to survive hundreds of torture.

You'll have to interact with fictional characters to traverse hundreds of torturous traps that only with your help can overcome. Woe to those who remain trapped in a trap !.

There is a very entertaining game called Escape from the slaughterhouse where you have to get in the skin of a pig to escape a slaughterhouse where you have to dodge hundreds of machines and deadly traps. You can escape the pig slaughterhouse !.

There are also zombie games where you have to do everything possible to end these zombies killed by torturing machines.

You will have to become a psychopathic sadist to start torturing all the victims

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