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Toon Cup Games

The biggest football tournament on Cartoon Network

Play football with your favorite Cartoon Network characters in the Toon Cup games. You will form the team of your dreams accompanied by the protagonists of the animation series that you like the most of all times. Among its protagonists we have Gumball, The Supernets or Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Regular Show and many more. The best way to play soccer online has arrived and you will have to play the biggest of the competitions of the king sport, the Toon Cup. Start with practice matches and when you are a professional, face your rivals in the big tournament.

The Toon Cup games come out every year, offering us a new improved version and adding new characters from the series of the moment. Not without forgetting the usual ones, who will be with us for a long time. You will have to create a team of three characters, selecting the ones you like most among the available ones. Unlock all the characters to have free choice and face the rest in the Toon Cup. Do not wait any longer to face the best football competition with the Cartoon Network characters in the Toon Cup games.

Win the football league with the scorers of Cartoon Network, score goals with Gumball

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