The Thundermans Games

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The Thundermans

🔥 Meet the Nickelodeon superhero family 🔥

Solve the everyday problems of the Nickelodeon super family with their superpowers, among which you can choose to be part of good or evil with the older brothers of the family.

Nickelodeon's most famous family of superheroes are the Thundermans, who star in one of the most watched youth series on the channel. Its protagonists are Phoebe and Max Thundermans, a pair of twin brothers very different in personality. Phoebe wants to focus on doing good with her powers while Max wants to become the most powerful villain in the world. Apart from them two, the family is made up of Hank and Barb, the parents and three other siblings, Nora, Billy and Chloe. The parents are superheroes already retired until they must fight the biggest villain in the city to keep their powers secret.

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