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Free Carbon Auto Theft 3 Game
Carbon Auto Theft 3
you're a car thief and your mission is to steal ...
Free Kim taser gun Game
Kim taser gun
an old police are running after you to shoot ...
Free Prisoners on the run Game
Prisoners on the run
prepares your escape with the help of your two friends, ...
Free Super Security Guard Game
Super Security Guard
In this game you have to prove you're ...
Free Thieves, mafia and gangster Game
Thieves, mafia and gangster
you are a thief and the police on your heels. ...
Free Bob the thief Game
Bob the thief
Bob the thief is a petty criminal who steals ...
Free Money kickers Game
Money kickers
It helps these thieves steal ...
Free Sneak Thief Game
Sneak Thief
Sneak Thief is a game where you have to put yourself ...
Free Butron Game
In this game you have to prepare a butrón ...
Free Chase 2 Game
Chase 2
you#39;re one of those cops do not leak any suspects. ...
Free Raid mission Game
Raid mission
You have an assault team, prepared for the hardest ...
Free Criminals vs cops Game
Criminals vs cops
you are the most wanted criminal by the five continents ...
Free Parking for police Game
Parking for police
in this city there are numerous murders and you have to investigate ...
Free Bob the thief 3 Game
Bob the thief 3
Bob the thief is well known for his skills ...

+ Thieves and police Games

Free Police crime Game
Police crime
Train your aim and when you are ready start ...
Free Chase on the highway to hell Game
Chase on the highway to hell
put yourself in the shoes of the police on the highway ...
Free Fbi 2 Game
Fbi 2
great game police car where you drive ...
Free Charli: 007 Game
Charli: 007
in London has produced the biggest bank robbery, ...
Free Gangster boys Game
Gangster boys
play this game where you have to gangster rob banks ...
Free Police Alive Game
Police Alive
in this city they are being committed many robberies ...
Free Policemen on the road Game
Policemen on the road
In this game of cops you have to catch ...
Free Bank robbers Game
Bank robbers
in this game you have to manage a band of thieves ...
Free Killer trucks Game
Killer trucks
select the desired police car and begins ...
Free Police car vs train Game
Police car vs train
mounted in the police car and chases the train ...
Free The Big Steal Game
The Big Steal
In this game you have to steal all the money ...
Unity 3D
Free Police Patrol Game
Police Patrol
Ride on the police patrol car to stop criminals ...
Free Carbon Auto Theft 2 Game
Carbon Auto Theft 2
You are an expert stealing cars and they have hired ...
Free Gta v: flash Game
Gta v: flash
Nic has stolen the central bank with his band, ...
Free Grand theft auto san andreas: taxis Game
Grand theft auto san andreas: taxis
Niko Bellic had to go to the taxi company ...
Free Silent thief Game
Silent thief
your mission is to steal in every neighborhood ...
Free Stealing police bike Game
Stealing police bike
you#39;re a bit naughty and now you#39;ve decided ...
Unity 3D
Free Criminals vs Policemen: Persecutions Game
Criminals vs Policemen: Persecutions
Criminals are fleeing, but they do not know you're ...
Free Gta san andreas persecution style Game
Gta san andreas persecution style
passionate game based on the San Andreas game. ...
Free Grand theft auto san andreas: car thief Game
Grand theft auto san andreas: car thief
Roba cars, misleads the police with your driving ...
Free Carbon Auto Theft gta Game
Carbon Auto Theft gta
One of the features of the legendary saga of Rockstar ...
Free Steal cars at night Game
Steal cars at night
In this game you have to steal cars at night ...
Free Escaper jail Game
Escaper jail
Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have escaped and are camouflaged ...
Free Police chase Game
Police chase
They are escaping a dangerous side on the highway ...
Free Sift heads assault 3 Game
Sift heads assault 3
if you like action and criminal kill this game for sure you like it because ...
Free Escaping bank robber Game
Escaping bank robber
you have robbed a bank with lots of money ...
Free Gta flash: pimp Game
Gta flash: pimp
A mini game in true GTA style in which ...
Free Police run Game
Police run
mounted on the police car and driving speeding ...
Free Super thief Game
Super thief
you are a very stealthy thief who can steal ...
Free Persecution Game
You#39;re the new Police District 13 and your new boss hired ...
Free Three thugs on the run Game
Three thugs on the run
it all starts when three thugs thieves ...
Free Lego, persecution christmas Game
Lego, persecution christmas
a thief has stolen all the gifts from santa ...
Unity 3D
Free Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Chase Game
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Chase
Play this great game where you have police ...
Free Lego city, police Game
Lego city, police
in lego city are being committed many robberies ...
Unity 3D
Free Parking Fury Night Thief 3D Game
Parking Fury Night Thief 3D
Steal cars, drive to the garage ...
Free The little robin hood 2 Game
The little robin hood 2
plays another exciting game of stealing ...
Unity 3D
Free Bob the Robber 4 Game
Bob the Robber 4
Bob, the world's worst thief has had to move to ancient ...
Free Lodrona run! Game
Lodrona run!
like you're a Robin Hood who steals from the rich and donate ...
Free Defend the ashes Game
Defend the ashes
a team of cricket are raging because they did not win the trophy ...
Free Thief Challenge Game
Thief Challenge
Only the most skillful players will challenge the challenges ...
Free Hack n sushi Game
Hack n sushi
have to handle a man who seeks revenge, they have stolen ...
Free Swag Game
Manage this thief who wants to take over everything ...
Free Escape on the highway Game
Escape on the highway
you have committed a robbery and you are about ...
Free Thief on the run Game
Thief on the run
In this game you are a thief of safes ...
Free Bank robber Game
Bank robber
Competition has hired you to go into your bank and steal ...
Free The Political Thief Game
The Political Thief
Put yourself in the shoes of a corrupt ...

thieves and police

Thieves and police Games

How to play thieves and police free, no downloads

There are very cunning thieves, some commit crimes without leaving any track and are even capable of committing white-collar crimes. These crimes are characterized by stealing without leaving a single clue, even homeowners can take days to realize that they have stolen their most valuable possessions.

To combat these criminals, there are policemen who are dedicated to pursuing these criminals relentlessly. They must understand your opponent to anticipate their movements and avoid thefts saving millions. These officers must have really elaborate traps to obtain evidence that a crime has been committed.

You can choose either of the two sides, but if you choose to be a renowned criminal andarte you must careful not to be discovered. Because if you find you need to escape as quickly as possible, dodging police checkpoints to reach a different country. It will not be easy when everyone knows your face and you must escape at full speed improvising your movements.

It conducts the endless struggle of police VS thieves in these great free games. You choose if you want to become a policeman to catch thieves or if you want to be the thief fleeing police. Do well the role you are going to choose and finish your mission successfully to win in these mini-games. And you, what side do you choose?

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