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The magical godfathers Games

Tim Turner has the help of his Magical Godfathers

Join Timmy in his adventures in these games of The Fairly Oddparents. This series of Nickelodeon is a real success and tells the life of Timmy Turner, a boy of ten years whose babysitter, Vicky, treats him like a slave and blames him for all the disasters that occur in the house. Timmy's parents believe the nanny and the boy always gets punished. To end this situation, appear their magical godparents, the marriage composed by Cosmo and Wanda. Both have magical powers and will help Timmy in all the problems that arise in each chapter.

Many adventures await you in the games of The Magical Godfathers and you will have to help Timmy to achieve his goal in each one of them. If you are a fan of this cartoon series, you can not miss their online games that you can only find online. So that you do not miss any of these games of The Magic Godfathers, we have created this category where you can gather them all and find them easily. Have fun with the best games of The Magic Godfathers on your PC, mobile or tablet.

All the characters of the Magic Godfathers are waiting for you to play their magical adventures

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