free Tarzan Games

free Tarzan Games

Delve into the jungle to live the adventures of Tarzan with their protagonists. Tarzan & Jane must live all kinds of situations during his life in the jungle and you must lend a hand to these classic Disney characters.

Tarzan Games

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Tarzan Games

How to play Tarzan free, no downloads

Tarzan is a novel character has often been made into a film. 2016 will be played by actor Alexander Skarsgård in a new movie titled "The Legend of Tarzan". That is why the producer of Disney saw a good story on which to base one of its great classics and created his film in 1999 that would, almost entirely, the guidelines of the original work.

Tarzan is the son of an English couple who in the nineteenth century would be trapped in a burning ship which would have to flee. Fortunately they succeeded and reached the shore of an uninhabited jungle in Africa. Soon they begin to make a shelter and get to build a tree house with the remains of the wreck, hoping to survive until someone rescued. That day never came as a leopard end the life of the parents of Tarzan and he was lucky to survive the attack. The compassion of a beloved gorilla Tarzan did not lose his life and led him to his tribe, with the intention of adopting and who grew up with them. She was called Kala and was the companion of the leader of the tribe, Kerchak, both had a son but unfortunately was killed by the same leopard that killed the parents of Tarzan. Kerchak not would welcome the decision of his wife but would eventually accept.

Since then Tarzan would live with the tribe of gorillas and close friend of a young gorilla named Terk and a small elephant Both will. With the help of his two friends, will try to improve their wild skills to keep up the strongest of the tribe and make Kerchack be proud of him. When it grows, Tarzan has become a young expert in climbing trees and transported using ropes to swing. The young man with great strength and skill would get rid of the threat tribe leopard and end his life. Everything changes with the arrival of explorers among those found Jane, the daughter of an old and sympathetic researcher. What they did not know is that for those who worked wanted to hurt studying gorillas and not like them. A series of adventures in which Tarzan will face both the love of Jane as the enemies that threaten members of his tribe.

The film's success was immediate and soon begin to leave a lot of merchandising of characters and video games. Tarzan also comes to our site with a lot of games in which to continue their adventures and undertake new ones. You can make our hero feel the speed on a motorcycle, you can practice your skill with lianas, new adventures with Jane and monkeys, etc. Do not let just Tarzan and his friends in these new missions!

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