Swampy planeSwampy, this is my duck
Where is my water?Swampy in sewersCrocodiles and ducksSwampy, where`s the exit?Where is my duck?Where is my mystery duck?Swampy runsSwampy Parkour

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Swampy ParkourWhere is my water?Swampy runsSwampy in sewersWhere is my duck?Where is my mystery duck?Swampy planeSwampy, where`s the exit?Swampy, this is my duck

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Swampy is a simptico crocodile that lives in deep city sewers Disney. It has a toy duck playing a lot with, but often is lost somewhere in the sewer.

Swampy often gets sad if you're not accompanied by his faithful rubber duck. We will do everything possible to prevent this from happening and we will search for the duckling. Sometimes our friend the crocodile is left without water and can not wash. Also is sad without water, will help you find the water it needs. We will open the valves or keys needed for drinking water. Almost all games are puzzle or mechanisms. We must think and use logic to complete all levels.

Swampy can come to the surface to fly an airplane race or ride a bike acutica. His friends await impatiently on the output line to start a new adventure. What you did not know, is the crocodile Swampy ms moln the moment.

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