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Put yourself in the shoes of a thief and start stealing everything around you to add riches to your power. Don't let the police hunt you down and survive these great stealing adventures.
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Help thieves steal

Getting extraordinary items or riches within the reach of a few is something that seems impossible, but it really isn't if you are able to steal them. If you are ready for a life full of dangers and extreme situations, the underworld is really complicated and the thief's life even more. First of all you must choose the objective you want to steal, whether it's the bank vault or the museum's art gallery. It is necessary to choose a good objective to study it carefully, because knowing all its weaknesses and the rotation of the guards you can enter without being seen deactivating the security systems. If a chase occurs, he runs to steal cars and flees from the police until he finds a safe place to count the loot.

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