free Spades Games

free Spades Games

Grab your sharp excalibur sword to attack hundreds of warriors armed with white weapons and medieval shields. Move your sword like a real samurai or learn the ninja skills to cut fruit with the katana. Undo and grab your sword before it's too late.

Spades Games

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Spades Games

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Swords are one of the first weapons created by mankind for the sole purpose of the war have also been one of the main weapons until the arrival of gunpowder resulting in a variety of styles when to use them.

In the same way there are many different types of swords in ancient times almost all cultures had their own kind among which some were very similar and some really different. That is why even today there are people who spend their lives perfecting their combat style with these weapons, becoming as deadly as a firearm as short distances always be more effective fight melee. Travel to the Roman Empire and become a real legionnaire defeat the barbarians with your steel and teach them a valuable lesson they will never forget the fantastic games Swords and Sandals.

You can also become a samurai and play a series of matches against other knights who dare challenge you, show them that you are a master in this art. Or another option will be to travel to the futuristic world of Star Wars and face epic battles with lightsabers. There are many options you can choose to fight with swords and become an expert in handling these weapons. Get started practicing your swordsman skills with these great games that we have brought for you!

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