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Sonic Tails, refers to a popular search on our website with about 269 related games to display
They are all games related to sonic mania, sonic, tails, sonic advance, shadow the hedgehog, adventure games , among others.
Tails is going to take over in Sonic's adventures and will stop being the secondary character to become the main one in these adventures of Sonic Tails.

Who is Tails in Sonic?

The classic SEGA game, Sonic, has left us many characters that the general public is very fond of. One of them is Tails' inseparable friend, although his full name is Miles Prower. It is an orange/yellow fox that has the peculiarity that it has two tails instead of one, which will give it its nickname of Tails.

Tails' first appearance in a Sonic game was in the second installment of the saga, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, although he did so as a completely secondary character. It was already in the title Sonic the Hedgehog 3 when they already introduced us to Tails' funniest mechanics, the power to fly using his two tails like the propellers of a helicopter. Like Luigi from the Mario Bros. games, Tails also began to lead his own solo adventures.

These are the cases of Tails and the Music Maker, a game for SEGA Pico, or Tails Adventure that was released for Game Gear. Sonic's characters have become as important as the protagonist himself and along with him, Shadow and Tails are the most beloved characters by players. That is why now comes this section of our website in which we are going to compile the best Sonic Tails games on the Internet.

Meet Sonic's partner with Tails Minigames

Despite the fact that Tails has also starred in his own adventures, the truth is that it is not a dynamic that has been maintained over time. However, he is still a playable character in most of the new Sonic titles that come out. Likewise, we will see it in other games that are a crossover between Nintendo games, such as Super Smash Bros, of which it will be part of its versions for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and in the title Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch.

Tails is presented to us as a sad fox whose two tails mistreated him. It was Sonic who made the little fox trust him more and saw his full potential, so he encouraged him to be part of his team. Tails processes a great admiration for Sonic and it is one of the things that leads him to help the hedgehog in all his adventures.

Now the funniest Tails minigames are coming to our website and to collect them all we have created this category under the name of Sonic Tails. Enjoy the classic Tails games and those that are totally unpublished from the Internet. The success of Sonic and Tails has not gone unnoticed in the world of minigames and we have more than 30 Sonic Tails games available on our website.

The Funniest Adventures in Sonic Tails Games

So that you don't miss anything about your favorite SEGA characters, we have prepared a compilation with more than 30 Tails games. In this selection you will be able to find from the classic Sonic games to others never seen before. The original games are thanks to online retro console simulators, in addition to leaving us many mods (unofficial versions created by fans) in which you can carry out the classic adventures of Sonic but with Tails.

To these we must add the games of a lifetime with Tails as the protagonist. Have fun giving color to the SEGA character, with memory card games, puzzles and many others that are unpublished on our website. Get ready for all the fun and start your adventure with Sonic Tails games.

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