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have a good time tuning your aim with shooting ...
Free Snooker: 8 Ball Game
Snooker: 8 Ball
Do you rent the large Snooker Championship ?. In this pool game you have to win all opponents ...

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Free World snooker Game
World snooker
the object is to get all the balls you can but always ...


Snooker Games

How to play snooker free, no downloads

Snooker is a form of billiards for which two players are needed. It is of English origin and is played with different balls and on a table longer than the normal billiard. The balls are divided into yellow, green, brown, pink, blue and black and each one has a different score ranging from 2 points to 7. Your mission in snooker is to score more points than your opponent, Objective balls, 15 red and 6 color, in a specific order. The participants take turns and have to push the white ball, with the help of the classic pool cue, to make them fall into the holes. The order is simple, a red ball and a color alternately and if the player fails to put ball, he commits a foul and it will be the opponent's turn. A snooker match is divided into batches, called frames, and at the end of each one the one with the highest score will add one of these frames to his marker. A professional game is 9 rounds, although in tournaments can range between 11 and 17. The snooker world championship, Snooker Master that has already been held in 2017, is the best of 35 rounds and usually lasts two days.

So far the basic rules of snooker and a bit of its history. Now, if you want to put everything into practice you can do it with these fun snooker games. Learn to play this mode of billiards on our website, with games specific to them. Take on the machine in epic games of snooker and get the victory, getting more points than your rival. Do not wait any longer to start your professional snooker career!

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