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Free Sniper in the Syrian war Game
Sniper in the Syrian war
This game is based in the Syrian war where ...
Free Clear vision 2: Sniper with Stickman Game
Clear vision 2: Sniper with Stickman
Aim and shoot the targets before it is too late, ...
Free Sniper stick squads 2 Game
Sniper stick squads 2
if you like camouflage, point the sniper rifle ...
Free The keeper of the castle, sniper Game
The keeper of the castle, sniper
you're the keeper of the castle and the maintainer ...
Free Scope Assault Game
Scope Assault
criminals want to steal the president's house, ...
Free Elite sniper Game
Elite sniper
sniper game where you have to kill the stickman ...
Free Sniper at dawn Game
Sniper at dawn
Loading sniper rifle to finish ...
Free Sniper police training Game
Sniper police training
climb to the roof of the police station ...
Free Sniper Game
I#39;ve been hired to do the dirty work of the police ...
Free Battlefield Shooter 2 Game
Battlefield Shooter 2
You're an experienced soldier with a highly ...
Free Shots on the Zombies 2 Game
Shots on the Zombies 2
You have been trained only to kill zombies mutants ...
Free Hitman Game
work for the Italian mafia and your boss wants ...
Free Sniper in the port dock Game
Sniper in the port dock
the terrorists are disguising in the port harbor ...
Free Sniper call of duty Game
Sniper call of duty
It is a sniper game and you have to complete ...
Free Sniper 2 Game
Sniper 2
Kill all the enemies you see with the scope. ...
Free Sniper Hero Game
Sniper Hero
You are a hero in your country to save aa family ...
Free Iraq sniper Game
Iraq sniper
Great sniper game where you are in the Iraq war and your mission ...
Free Rambo bros Game
Rambo bros
World tyrants Mario kidnapped ...
Free Halloween sniper Game
Halloween sniper
Today is Halloween night and so we offer ...
Free Hot shot sniper Game
Hot shot sniper
if you like sniper games, in this game you can improve ...
Free King sniper: the hostage crisis Game
King sniper: the hostage crisis
this shooter you have to aim well because you can only kill the terrorists, ...
Free Sniper: training Game
Sniper: training
You#39;re an assassin and want to perfect your shot with the sniper ...
Free Sniper: Target red beard Game
Sniper: Target red beard
You have been selected for this squad of the best snipers ...
Free The perfect sniper Game
The perfect sniper
You#39;re a very pretty girl that you have given ...
Free Sniper operation 2 Game
Sniper operation 2
if you#39;re a fan of sniper games this game you#39;ll ...
Free Spy shooter Game
Spy shooter
You are the best sniper in the city and have a dangerous ...
Free Rifleman mario Game
Rifleman mario
Play this fun game of Mario where you have to kill all the enemies ...
Free Sniper in Japan Game
Sniper in Japan
In this game you have to kill all the Japanese ...
Free Sniper King Game
Sniper King
you are an experienced sniper rifles shooting ...
Free Murderer shooter Game
Murderer shooter
you are the most popular gunman in this city and a mafia ...
Free Jack van cell Game
Jack van cell
play this game sniper. I#39;ve been hired to kill all the tyrants ...
Free Sniper: dragon artillery Game
Sniper: dragon artillery
Load your sniper with the greatest possible bullets ...
Free The shoot out Game
The shoot out
This city is being attacked by a terrorist ...
Free Pro sniper Game
Pro sniper
sniper in this game you have to knock down all the targets ...
Free Ex sniper Game
Ex sniper
you are a retired sniper who hired you to save the world ...
Free American Sniper Game
American Sniper
you are a sharpshooter that has a mission ...
Free Cross fire sniper king 2 Game
Cross fire sniper king 2
Play this addictive shooting game where you have to use a sniper ...
Free Sniper hitman Game
Sniper hitman
You'll start your career as a hit man for a crime ...
Free Headshots Game
the only way to stop the criminals of this game is to shoot ...
Free Counter snipe Game
Counter snipe
these in the war in Syria and you have a mission ...
Unity 3D
Free Sniper on the street: Murderer of zombies Game
Sniper on the street: Murderer of zombies
Stay on the balcony to protect the street ...
Free Sniper on the street Game
Sniper on the street
You will return to the messy business of the street ...
Free Last world war Game
Last world war
aim and shoot all the enemies that appear ...
Free Aim and shoot at Christmas Game
Aim and shoot at Christmas
Santa#39;s elves want to leave the factory ...
Free Custom hitman Game
Custom hitman
You#39;re the new protector of the city of angels ...
Free Lone Wolf Game
Lone Wolf
In this game you are the Lone Wolf and you have not been named ...
Free Sniper in jail Game
Sniper in jail
your friend needs you to help him escape ...
Free Mario: Sniper Game
Mario: Sniper
Our friend Mario has to rescue the princess ...
Free Sniper murderer Game
Sniper murderer
In this game you have to use your best skills ...
Free Sniper Team 2 Game
Sniper Team 2
It entrenches the sniper team in a good position ...

+ Sniper Games

Free Flash delta Game
Flash delta
Aim your sight and kill all the dolls you see by the way, the more you kill, ...
Free Kill the President Game
Kill the President
We have commissioned a very special little job, you must kill the president ...
Free Dead zombies Bridge Game
Dead zombies Bridge
The city is divided by a bridge because a part of the city is infested ...
Free The soldier wii Game
The soldier wii
Wii is a soldier very prepared for war but will have to prove ...
Free War 1944 Game
War 1944
The Nazis have taken the French coast ...
Free Super Sniper 2 Game
Super Sniper 2
plays another exciting shooter ...
Free Riflescope 2 Game
Riflescope 2
in this game you have to kill your target ...
Free Sniper duty Game
Sniper duty
play this war game based on the call of duty game where ...
Free Sniper 3d Game
Sniper 3d
play this shooter where you have to kill all the terrorists ...


Sniper Games

How to play sniper free, no downloads

If you have an exceptional marksmanship, definitely the perfect job for you it is the sniper. Capable of hitting targets at a great distance your job is to eliminate potential threats without being seen or eliminate a kidnapper who plans to harm their hostages.

You can be a real sniper in World War II and help liberate Europe from German occupation, have to face a lot of soldiers and tanks. But do not forget that on the other side also have soldiers pointing through his telescopic sight looking for a target.

You can also get to work on the orders of law enforcement, you will depend on solving the most delicate situations through a clever kick. You find yourself involved in hostage situations in a bank robbery where you must wait for the right time to make a shot and eliminate the mugger. If you're ready to put the lives of the innocent at stake if you miss a single shot but trust your ability this is your job.

Play as a sniper in your free and online on our website PC. Kill the enemies effectively whatever your mission, you do not shake the pulse. Already enjoy these games that will test your aim with this powerful weapon capable of knocking down enemies with a single shot. We all trust in you and your abilities, do not disappoint us!

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