Sniper Games

Choose your game of sniper games that we have free, show your sniper aim

Army Sniper Games

Sniper on the street: Murderer of zombiesBattlefield Shooter 2Sniper 2SniperCounter snipeSniper operation 2Sniper Team 2Lone WolfSniper in SyriaHot shot sniperAmerican Sniper

Real Sniper Games

Dead Zone: SniperPro sniperSniper KingSniper ultimate assassinMurderer shooterJack van cellSpy shooterSniper 3dSniper: Dragon Artillery

Stickman Sniper Games

Clear vision 2: Sniper with StickmanSniper on the streetHitmanElite sniperInsight: SniperSniper stick squads 2Stickman sniperSee more games Stickman

Call of duty Games

Enter the Call of Duty War

Call of duty black op 3: PuzzlesCall of Duty 2Call of Duty infinite warfare freeCall of duty nuketownCall fo Duty MahjongUnited force 2Call of Duty OnlineFuture SoldierCall of duty asylumCall of duty: Modern warfare flashLetters from Call of DutyCall of Duty: WW2 Zombies

Counter strike Games

The ultimate shooter game

Military training: BattlefieldDark ops shooterCounter Strike M4A1 2Counter StrikeCounterterrorismCounter strike of HiekkaSuper Sniper 2Counter Strike: MahjongCounter Strike operationsCounter Strike ArmsCounter Strike: ThreatsSuper sniper

Gun Games

Aim and shoot with the help of your gun

Freefall Tournament: Battle RoyaleShots with Homer Simpson: Kill FlandersNerf n-strikeHitman Agent 47Aim and shoot the zombies: SurvivalBullet furyTurkey shootBattle AreaInsecticide: Kill bugsCounter ForceFighting agentUnreal Tournament 3

Simulation Games

Experiment with simulators

Zoo TycoonYoutubers Life OnlineSurgeon simulatorFlight SimulatorMouth simulatorFarming SimulatorReal car simulator gameZayn Malik dating simGas station simulatorARK Style SurvivalDriving princess carsScratch simulator

Games of the same type

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Sniper Games

Show your sniper aim

If you have exceptional marksmanship, you can prove it with the sniper or sniper games that we offer. In these games you have to be very cautious and you must be relaxed to press the trigger at the right time and in the right place to hit the shot on your targets. Your job will be to eliminate potential threats without being seen or eliminate a kidnapper who plans to harm your hostages.

You can be a sniper in the Second World War and help liberate Europe from the German occupation, you will have to face a lot of soldiers and tanks. But do not forget that on the other side they will also have soldiers pointing through their telescopic sight looking for a target.

You can also put yourself to work at the orders of the forces of the law, it will depend on you to solve the most delicate situations with an accurate shot. You will be involved in hostage situations in a bank robbery, where you must wait at the right moment to make a shot and eliminate the robber. If you are ready to put the lives of the innocent into play if you fail a single shot but trust your ability, this is your job.