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Sniper Games

Show your sniper aim

If you have exceptional marksmanship, you can prove it with the sniper or sniper games that we offer. In these games you have to be very cautious and you must be relaxed to press the trigger at the right time and in the right place to hit the shot on your targets. Your job will be to eliminate potential threats without being seen or eliminate a kidnapper who plans to harm your hostages.

You can be a sniper in the Second World War and help liberate Europe from the German occupation, you will have to face a lot of soldiers and tanks. But do not forget that on the other side they will also have soldiers pointing through their telescopic sight looking for a target.

You can also put yourself to work at the orders of the forces of the law, it will depend on you to solve the most delicate situations with an accurate shot. You will be involved in hostage situations in a bank robbery, where you must wait at the right moment to make a shot and eliminate the robber. If you are ready to put the lives of the innocent into play if you fail a single shot but trust your ability, this is your job.

Hold your sniper rifle, aim and hold your breath before pulling the trigger

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