free Smurfs Games

free Smurfs Games

Experience the adventures of the Smurfs for free on our website. You can help these little characters to flee from the evil Gargamel and his minions. We have games for both children and adults to remember their childhood with the Smurfs.

Smurfs Games

Free Gta style Smurfs Game
Gta style Smurfs
Free Mechanical Smurf Game
Mechanical Smurf
Free Smurfs wars Game
Smurfs wars
Free Aim with the Smurfs Game
Aim with the Smurfs
Free Cooking with pitufina Game
Cooking with pitufina
Free Save the Smurfs Game
Save the Smurfs
Free Smurfs races Game
Smurfs races
Free Smurfs: Bowling Game
Smurfs: Bowling
Free Smurf bike Game
Smurf bike
Free Smurfs escape Game
Smurfs escape
Free Smurfs eaters Game
Smurfs eaters
Free Smurfette dress up Game
Smurfette dress up
Free Smurfs adventure Game
Smurfs adventure
Free Miner smurf Game
Miner smurf
Free Smurfs on Christmas Game
Smurfs on Christmas
Free The Smurfs 2: slingshot Game
The Smurfs 2: slingshot

+ Smurfs Games

Free Smurfs puzzle Game
Smurfs puzzle
Free Coloring the Smurfs Game
Coloring the Smurfs
Free Smurfs pang Game
Smurfs pang
Free Smurfs throws balls Game
Smurfs throws balls
Free Paint the Smurfs Game
Paint the Smurfs
Free Contruyendo a car with the Smurfs Game
Contruyendo a car with the Smurfs
Free Smurfs food trap Game
Smurfs food trap
Free Smurf restaurant Game
Smurf restaurant
Free Smurf Baby Cares Game
Smurf Baby Cares
Free Smurfs vs. Gargamel Game
Smurfs vs. Gargamel
Free Makeup to pitufina Game
Makeup to pitufina
Free The Smurfs, find the hidden letters Game
The Smurfs, find the hidden letters
Free Smurfs: look for differences Game
Smurfs: look for differences
Free Coloring The Smurfs 2 Game
Coloring The Smurfs 2
Free The Smurfs 2: hidden words Game
The Smurfs 2: hidden words
Free Smurfs 2: reports Game
Smurfs 2: reports


Smurfs Games

How to play Smurfs free, no downloads

The Smurfs are a people of tiny beings and they are all blue. They all live in mushrooms or fungi in the deep forest, do not use proper names and many estn defined by their condition profesino (The Smurf handyman, Poet Smurf, etc).

They are fun and even speak our language, the word smurf aaden almost everything, so you can pitufear anything that comes to mind. Although it's not all fun and living under the constant threat of sorcerer Gargamel and his cat Azrael, the evil sorcerer wants to capture them all and experiment with them.

But using all their ingenuity the smurfs always manage to escape, now is your turn to help them escape from the clutches of Gargamel. Although not all be fleeing the sorcerer, because we can go bowling with bowling or spend an afternoon coloring the Smurfs.

All this without forgetting the Smurfs fun racing with their own cars handmade, besides Gargamel tries to participate in racing illegally.

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