Shrek Games

The grumpy green ogre we all know as Shrek needs you to rescue Princess Fiona
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Make up the princess Fiona

Shrek Games

The best ogre in animated cinema

Shrek is an ogre who lives happily and happily in his swamp with the company of his faithful ass friend. Until one day the king's army appeared before him, despite fearing the worst, the soldiers only want to take him before the King. His majesty will ask him to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped and cursed, leaving no more alternative to our green hero than saving her which makes our hero with the help of his friend get going. This will be the beginning of the journey that will lead them to live great adventures on their way to free the princess, no doubt many of these adventures will be completely unexpected and it is even possible that love appears before our brave heroes. They will also have to use all their skills and intelligence to solve some unpredictable situations, and Shrek will use his great physical strength to solve more than one conflict.

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