free Shits Games

free Shits Games

Come and have fun with the whole world of shit and poop. The most famous is the Doodieman superhero who attacks you with his feces and here you can help him fight his enemies. Create pipes so the shit goes from the toilet to the sewers. Beware of the stench of feces and trash.

Shits Games

Unity 3D
Free Shitting people: Muddy Heights Game
Free Pelican wimp Game
Pelican wimp
Free Sweeper clean caca Game
Sweeper clean caca
Free Pigeon's Revenge Game
Pigeon's Revenge
Free Where do I urinate? Game
Where do I urinate?
Free Flappy shit Game
Flappy shit
Free Service: humorous video Game
Service: humorous video
Free Olympic service Game
Olympic service

+ Shits Games

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Humorous video: I stuck
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Shoot poop
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Noisy farts
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Toilet Success: I need a bath
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Pou, it's time to shave
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Toilet Roll
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Doodieman Bazooka
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Drag toilet paper
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Mischief on Halloween
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Mr. Boomba VI
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Loew is started nose hairs
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Doodieman rescues hostages
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Wash bathrooms
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The fly
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Nobita and Shizuka
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Disgusting poop
Free Doodieman the wimp hero Game
Doodieman the wimp hero
Free Wind door Game
Wind door
Free High School Tower Defense Game
High School Tower Defense
Free Pou and Click Game
Pou and Click


Shits Games

How to play shits free, no downloads

The games are games poop humor with a nasty twist that'll have to poop and pee to complete missions they recommend.

There is a game where you're a dove and your mission is to poop on the heads of the boys and girls who roam the neighborhood. Another game wimp Pelican poop is that as the name suggests are a pelican with loose tummy and your goal is cagarte above the cars on the highway.

You see videos poop poop where will be the protagonist of a crazy adventure where a guy is looking forward to complete the cleaning of cleaning toilets to relieve himself and does not know whether it will come in time.

We also have a fun game where you have to make sweeper and your mission is to collect all the poop neighborhood before returning to throw new poop. It will give you time !.

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