Ships Games

Attack enemies approaching the space constellation by piloting spaceships
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Ships Games

Stroll through the galaxy with the ships

If you've always thought that in the universe are all the secrets, your goal should be traveling l. To do necesitars your own ship, you can now create your own equipping it with everything you need for your trip.

Choose a good initial ship as you have limited money and after podrs not change, although s that podrs better with aliengena technology to find or create new components. Space is not at all sure, there are many threats that can kill you and so always be alert.

The collision with asteroids is one of the most common causes of accidents in space, since daan parts or can crash against one. But what really should fear is to find another way of life, because they may be more advanced than humans and have incredible technology so if you manage to defeat perhaps give you with an armament save you someday.

It is also possible for you to deal with some of them for pacfica exchange knowledge and access, but this is something strange sometimes can occur.

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