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Shin Chan

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The mischievous protagonist of this cartoon series awaits you on our website

Shinnosuke Nohara, better known by the general public as Shin Chan is the most thug Japanese boy on television and now we can continue his adventures online with these magnificent games that we put at your disposal. If you are a follower of the Shin Chan cartoon series, you will know that our protagonist's favorite hobbies are eating chocolate cookies while enjoying a good chapter of the Ultrahero series. He also loves to dance, especially his famous ass dance, and also annoy his mother Misae. In the series we also know the rest of the characters that make up the family unit such as his father Hiroshi, his sister Himawari and his dog Snowy.In this fun collection of games we will also find these characters, although the main one will always be Shin Chan. New adventures await you on our website so that the fun does not stop and you can ride a bike with the most thug boy, in addition to being able to disguise him as an Ultraman and turn him into a real superhero. Do not wait to have fun with Shin Chan in the new category of the web dedicated to his cartoons.

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