Saw Games

Help the victims find a way out before the evil Pigsaw doll does his thing. Obama, YouTubers or The Simpsons characters will be some of those who face the sadistic Saw game.
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Saw Games

Face the gruesome Saw game

The popular Saw Game games land on our website so you don't miss any of these adventures. They are games set in the Saw horror movie saga, in which a disturbed kidnaps people to subject them to a macabre game that leads them to attack each other to survive. In the games version, Pigsaw will kidnap characters from the animated world, from the world of politics and many other famous people. Our mission will be to solve the riddles to get them to leave the place where they are locked and that the evil doll does not get away with it. Save Obama, the Youtubers or Justin Bieber from kidnapping at the Saw Games games.

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