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Saw Games

Face the gruesome Saw game

Play the Saw Game games in different free versions. Jigsaw is a macabre character who enjoys the suffering of outsiders, in order to obtain the pain that he craves so much he kidnaps people to torture them. Although he is not the one who tortures them, he likes to see humanity bend and force it to the limit so that they themselves can inflict pain and even be able to attack those they love the most.

This disturbed is able to kidnap a large number of people at the same time and lock them in the same abandoned facility, in it they must solve different challenges if they really want to get out alive from there. Although everything changes from one moment to another, since this maniac has developed a series of games in which participants to survive or save what they want most must self-mutilate or attack each other.

Now you can be the good or bad of the movie, become one of these survivors and help the rest to get through the tests to get out of that hell alive. Or put yourself in Jigsaw's shoes and have them confront each other just for fun.

Many celebrities are going to be protagonists of the Saw games that have been created and that we have been bringing for you to enjoy. Saw judges of the Simpsons, Saw Obama games, Saw Santa Claus games, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and many more characters, both real and animation. Make them flee from the evil Jigsaw and reach their homes alive dodging each of the tests that this maniac will put in their path.

Start saving the lives of the kidnapped or trying to kill them, depending on the side where you have to be in each game!

Help the victims find a way out before malevolent Pigsaw doll makes his own

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