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Great adventure of Zombies in Resident Evil

A deadly virus that turns people into zombie has swept the planet, all originated in the city of Raccoon City in a secret facility of the Umbrella corporation. This evil corporation developed a terrible virus called-T who was released by mistake facilities and killing all its workers.

The shocking thing was that after dying rose again, even carecan of any emotion and attacked every living like animals. After the outbreak can not be contained by the artificial intelligence called Reina Roja in control of premises zombies manage to reach the city.

Although not just zombies as Umbrella worked in biolgicas weapons that have created terrible monsters with superhuman strength and qualities. Now you have to join the team policams qualified to try to stop the outbreak, STAR S are responsible to deal first with these creatures. Help key characters in video games as Len S. Kennedy or Jill Valentine to survive and try to find a cure.

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