free Rescue Games

free Rescue Games

Become a true hero by rescuing people who need your help in the rescue games. Undertake the rescue of endangered animals, people trapped by the flames of a fire, princesses in distress or pilots the coastguard's helicopter

Rescue Games

Free The rescuer Game
The rescuer
Free Rescue the princess Game
Rescue the princess
Free Ambulance rescue Game
Ambulance rescue
Free Rescuing people from fire Game
Rescuing people from fire
Free Kimball gorilla rescue Game
Kimball gorilla rescue
Free Save polar bears Game
Save polar bears
Free El Salvador Game
El Salvador
Free Helicopters: Coast Guard Game
Helicopters: Coast Guard
Free Saving Lives: Shark Food Game
Saving Lives: Shark Food
Free Rescue the queen Cleopatra Game
Rescue the queen Cleopatra
Free Life guard Game
Life guard
Free Spiderman rescue Mary Jane Game
Spiderman rescue Mary Jane
Free Eva rescue Game
Eva rescue

+ Rescue Games

Free Save animals Game
Save animals
Free Rescue dog Game
Rescue dog
Free SpongeBob Patrick rescues his friend Game
Free Brave boy Game
Brave boy
Free Pilot hero Game
Pilot hero
Free Fire truck Game
Fire truck
Free Giraffe hero Game
Giraffe hero
Free Penguin: Mission Game
Penguin: Mission
Free Zombie pickup survival Game
Zombie pickup survival
Free Fire smoke Game
Fire smoke
Free Gibbets 4 Game
Gibbets 4
Free Sonic finds love Game
Sonic finds love
Free Popeye rescues olivia Game
Popeye rescues olivia
Free Helicopter Rescue 2 Game
Helicopter Rescue 2
Free Hurricane irene Game
Hurricane irene
Free Ben 10 maze Game
Ben 10 maze
Free Rescue Game
Free Bailout Game
Free Millie and the Goblin Rescue Game
Free The Princess and the Dragon Game
The Princess and the Dragon
Free Spider monkey Game
Spider monkey
Free Penguins minus Game
Penguins minus
Free Save animals boat Game
Save animals boat


Rescue Games

How to play rescue free, no downloads

Many times people need to be saved, either by a natural disaster or by the hand of man. In some of these cases the life of a person or more may be at stake and need a bailout to survive, that's where you come in.

It helps climbers trapped on the highest peaks of the world or the shores of the seas where only specialized rescue equipment can reach. You must descend from your helicopter to the area, all while fighting against the wind and you avoid crashing into the full projections of sharp stones. If you manage to get thru the victims it is crucial that you evaluate your situation and you manage them first aid, because you can not move them if they suffer a serious injury and transportation may worsen.

You can also get into the skin of the many heroes of everyday life we ​​know as doctors ambulance and firefighters. In the first, a quick intervention is crucial to address the ills of time people injured. Through his hands they passed many lives every day and your duty is so, saving the maximum possible people from almost certain death. Firefighters, meanwhile, may face multiple situations but his specialty is to save the lives of people who have been trapped in a burning building.

But if there is a great classic games rescue those are the games rescue the princess. The girls in trouble are recurring in these games and you will become the brave and fearless knight who perform the feat to save the princess from captivity. Ride your horse, dodging all obstacles and find your way ends defeating the evil that captured the girl. Not only will you will take the glory for the feat but it sure will end up being your girlfriend.

You not always have to save people but there are animals that also need your help such as polar bears or gorillas, with which you must interact and put your life safe. These poor animals are often abandoned to the action of man and only one man can help, and that will be you.

Animals or people is indifferent, the important thing is that you spend a fun time with these games rescue in which you will train to become a hero. There is no better way to enjoy that helping others so this section is perfect to get it. Get started all these adventures and saves everyone who is in danger!

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