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Rigby and Mordecai need your help for their adventures

This cartoon series tells the story of Mordecai and Rigby, two friends of 23 years although they are not at all similar. Mordecai is very responsible with their actions and Rigby is the opposite, it is completely immature and selfish. This original couple of friends working at an amusement park maintenance ocupndose, but estn always trying to escape from the routine work in any dismissal of his boss Benson gives life to a gumball machine.

In addition peers have a sea of ​​disparate including estn Skips an immortal yeti, Hi-Five Ghost Muscle Man a ghost and a fairly big green monster. Although not all men because in the coffee are Margaret and Eileen, of all the guys love They will be cut resulting in funny situations.

In every chapter of the series empezarn with an ordinary da where a problem arises that they get out of hand. shawls hand to solve the problems and allow the park remains open smoothly.

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