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Free Hexxagon Game
intelligently manages your pieces so that the opponent ...
Free The cat miedica Game
The cat miedica
impressive strategy game where you have to think ...
Free Push and snap Game
Push and snap
Go placing a chip where they should go, each in its color. ...
Free Torresde magnet Game
Torresde magnet
the game is to get rid of all magnetic ...
Free Mario othello Game
Mario othello
Mario Bros brings a classic board ...

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Free Simpsons mahjong Game
Simpsons mahjong
eliminates the chips are connected by the same image, ...
Free Domino Draw Game
Domino Draw
Draw fun tracks of Dominos and visualize how they fall. ...
Free New chess Game
New chess
This chess is pretty special you will not have to play a game of this classic ...
Free Domino Block Game
Domino Block
A game of Dominoes ?, now you can play with four players ...
Free HTML5 Checkers Game
HTML5 Checkers
The classic game of Las Damas arrives at our web in mobile ...
Free Jamaican domino Game
Jamaican domino
domino board game where the mission ...
Free Flash Ludo Game
Flash Ludo
The game is a different version of the traditional ...
Free Shanghai Mahjong Game
Shanghai Mahjong
The classic Mahjong has come to our website ...
Unity 3D
Free Anti Chess Game
Anti Chess
Are you an expert at chess? Well in this game you will not be served ...
Free Four lines Game
Four lines
The classic board game online Four arrives ...
Free Chess chess Game
Chess chess
Classical chess is available in its online ...
Free Tetris 3d Game
Tetris 3d
looks placing chips in the right ...
Free Mahjong tower Game
Mahjong tower
It is a game of Chinese origin, deforming the pyramid ...
Free Full board Game
Full board
Ready for a game thinking? Well, come and play and full board, ...
Free Tetris building 2 Game
Tetris building 2
A new version of a classic games such as Tetris ...
Free Cars puzzle Game
Cars puzzle
play this puzzle of our friend mcqueen with friends ...
Free Mickey and minnie puzzles Game
Mickey and minnie puzzles
manage to put all the pieces of this puzzle ...
Free Chinese checkers Game
Chinese checkers
you have to get to the other side with all the chips ...
Free Construction records Game
Construction records
They show you a figure, landscape, etc. And you with the blue chips ...
Free 3d chess Game
3d chess
Here is a fantastic 3D chessboard to enjoy ...
Free The great mahjong Game
The great mahjong
if you like intellectual games, skill, concentration, ...
Free Ancient Mahjong Game
Ancient Mahjong
How do you play Mahjong gives you ?. Play this game Ancient ...
Free Connect 4 Game
Connect 4
Play this new version of Connect 4 where ...
Free Mahjongg solitaire Game
Mahjongg solitaire
Mahjongg in three dimensions where ...
Free Ultimate chess Game
Ultimate chess
play this game of chess where every time you kill or get killed ...
Free Disney great puzzle: dumbo Game
Disney great puzzle: dumbo
The protagonist of this fantastic game is none other ...
Free Mahjongg alchemy Game
Mahjongg alchemy
If you are a fan of Mahjong games ...
Free Puzzle of Super Hero Squad Game
Puzzle of Super Hero Squad
The fantastic group of superheroes marvel ...
Free Mario: three stripes Game
Mario: three stripes
Play classic noughts and crosses along ...


Records Games

How to play records free, no downloads

When playing a board game, in the vast majority we find some tabs that take many forms to suit the game. These parts are the most important part, since without them the game will lack all sense We could not play.

According to participate in the game these pieces They will have different functions, as in chess we find six types of pieces with their own characteristics. You need to know them all to take full advantage of all possible moves, if you want to be good at this game you must position your pieces so strategic.

In other utilizarn simply to see the state of the game, as noughts and crosses. Now we have to go by placing pieces to get three in olnea diagonal line, if we do win. Without these pequeas We could not play anything fun or even get into the role desempean in each game, we can be a brave knight on the board battling rival army.

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