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Ratchet and clank Games

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This saga video game platforms consigui great fame in PlayStation 2 and later on PS3, but now gives still lost some prominence can see different mobile or browser versions. For those who have never played this series should know that is composed of two main characters, the first is a mechanical crazy Lombax Ratchet who loves shooting, explosions and adventures. And another companion of many adventures of this crazy mechanic is Clank, Ratchet a small robot that carries trailer behind her and helps her with her great intelligence.

Although it seems that our heroes are a bit inconsiderate, your goal is usually rather noble and traveling on different planets trying to help its people while collecting weapons to be used to destroy an evil villain who plans something terrible. In his years of life these two inseparable companions have beaten a lot of villains and their henchmen, but this have needed all his wits and many, many weapons.

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