free Popeye Games

free Popeye Games

Popeye is a sailor star of a series of animation. He is famous for eating spinach and gaining strength with which to confront his enemy Brutus, who is always bothering Popeye's girlfriend, Olivia. Enjoy the best Popeye Marine games online.

Popeye Games

Free Popeye motocross Game
Popeye motocross
Free Popeye dress Game
Popeye dress
Free Popeye rescues olivia Game
Popeye rescues olivia
Free Popeye Baseball Game
Popeye Baseball
Free Popeye bike Game
Popeye bike
Free Popeye finds numbers Game
Popeye finds numbers

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Free Popeye and olivia Game
Popeye and olivia


Popeye Games

How to play popeye free, no downloads

Popeye the Sailor is a popular cartoon character of your favorite TV series. In our game you can interact with it.

You can rescue his girlfriend Olivia's arms Brutus the woodcutter or as others known as Bluto. Brutus is very fond of Popeye's girlfriend and will do everything possible so that these two do not stay together.

A Popeye loves spinach take, since its strength is multiplied and can beat Bluto. You'll have to cook a delicious combination plate of pasta with spinach. You can choose clothes for her first date Popeye with his affair. Sure you know who is !.

You can also ride a motocross bike where you have to drive at full speed jumping obstacles and of course have to stop the villain from the lumberjack Bluto. Do not forget to take Popeye spinach !.

If you love Popeye, you'll play like him Bluto baseball where you throw the ball and you have to move Popeye to be right a blow with which you will throw the ball as far as anyone can catch it.

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