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🔥Eat spinach to be as strong as Popeye

Relive the adventure of the burly sailor to rescue his beloved Olivia

Give spinach to the strong sailor so that he has more strength and can save his girlfriend Olivia in one of our online Popeye games. Once again, the annoying Bluto will manage to steal the girlfriend of our protagonist but with the Popeye games you can change the story.In our Popeye games the sailor will move away from the sea to play baseball, he must take spinach to throw the ball out of the stadium, he will ride a motorcycle to hurry up on time to the appointment with his beloved, and you can kiss Olivia in a game of kisses, but you must be very careful not to see Brutus. In almost all free Popeye games you'll have to rescue your beloved from the evil Bluto!

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