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Pirates Games

Be the most feared pirate of the seven seas

The most feared of the seven seas are certainly the pirates, these pirates sail the seas in search of loot that they can spend on wine and women. Pirate's life is full of dangers, but also adventure that only the bravest are able to make. Piracy has existed since the beginning of navigation and is only a practice of banditry carried out to sea. An organized group of people sailed the steps most important goods to assault ships that carry them to take the spoils.

These privateers are governed by their own rules, never fight fair and always try to trick your opponent. A good captain should know imposed on his men, as they must follow to death in their looting and pillaging. Normally a good captain because of his skills in combat is necessary, because the stronger the most respected in the world of buccaneers.

If you want with all your might the Spanish gold, ready to attack ships filled with armed soldiers who will defend their precious cargo to those who try to snatch it away. The higher the loot will be better defended, that's why if you had success in other incursions have several ships and many men to try to take the convoy to get rich.

The figure of the pirates has for many novels (Treasure Island, Sandokan, The Black Corsair, etc.) movies (the most famous and recent are those that make up the Pirates of the Caribbean saga) and games and video games. Proof of this is the large number of mini-games that we have collected in this category, all themed piracy in which you have to carry out various missions with famous pirates. Look for the treasure or defend your ship from enemy attacks, whatever your take her out mission with honor and respect the pirates ideals. Do not wait to live your own pirate adventure on our website!

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