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Piranhas Games

Piranhas Games

Are you ready to become a killer piranha where you have to learn to survive in the ocean depths. You will have to satisfy your hunger biting prey that occur on the screen. They are action games, fish, survival and frenzy.

Dive into the water to eat everything at your fingertips. The rules of the game is to eat everything you can without being eaten by other species that inhabit the sea. The laws of the game is that the largest will eat the little ones.

Move around the sea in search of edible food to grow and eat the little ones. You dare to survive without getting killed !. Eat much meat to make giant and eat everything that comes on the screen.

There is a very peculiar and very fun game where you have experienced and now genetics are a killer piranha with developed skills. Must be piranha and escape the research center attacking beings have created you to escape to the open sea and begin your adventure by attacking hundreds of vulnerable prey.

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