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Free Pat the dog: Puzzles Game
Pat the dog: Puzzles
Solve the puzzle of Pat the heroic dog who helps ...
Free Pat the dog: Tetris Game
Pat the dog: Tetris
Complete the story of my Dog Pat with this game of tetris. ...
Free Pat the Dog: Memory Game
Pat the Dog: Memory
Get into the adventures of Dog Pat in this fun game of Dog Pat in a memory ...

Pat the dog

Pat the dog Games

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The new Disney Channel hero arrives in the form of a dog to help his owner Lola, a girl who needs your help to solve everyday problems. Luckily Pat Dog will help you in your adventures and be the most beloved dog in the neighborhood.

Move with my dog ​​Pat in different adventures that we will go up, you can help little Lola and you can attack the evil neighbor named Victor. This guy will do everything possible to annoy Lola day, but with the help of Pat, everything will be solved.

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