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Parchís Games

How to play parchís free, no downloads

This board game is a mix of strategy and chance, since we have four chips in play on the board and our rivals can kill if we are not careful. When play must take into account security positions where our chips can take refuge, in the same way you have to look when attacking an adversary where we will end.

By eliminating an enemy record we will be granted extra moves to move around the board, this can be beneficial if we come to complete the whole and entered the secure area of ​​our color back. But if we are careless can lead us to a position where we are within range of the enemy, but all moves in this game depends on the dice and therefore the random must take into account these variables.

Since launching the odds they are of 1 to 6, so it is quite likely that we eliminate our enemies if we are at your fingertips. We also have some possibilities to stop our enemies, how to position two of our records in the same box creating a bridge that prevents the passage rival chips.

On our site you can play online and free parchís, without registering or downloading anything. You have different versions but in all the mission and form of play will be the same. You decide if you enjoy these mini-games individually or with a friend in multiplayer mode for 2 way. Enjoy this classic game tables now makes the leap to your PC.

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