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Get started in Padel and get a professional

This game racket practiced extensively since the early eighties has grown increasingly, now considered a sport for rich people and is played in much of the world.

It is played in pairs and there are three basic concepts in the game: the blade, the ball and the track. These three are needed to play, since the aim of the game is to score points by avoiding contrary to return the ball properly.

These games are played best of three points, so that a couple must win at least two sets to win. Unlike other games like tennis, golf to be more pequeoy allowing rebounds in the walls allows us to enjoy a game muchsimo msrpido.

In addition also we have a lot of skill on the part of the players, as they are able to catch impossible rebounds and perform spectacular blows in a split second. Start now to practice this great sport and rub shoulders with the best in the world.

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