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Other nintendo games

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Nintendo Games

The great classics of Nintendo

One of the major game companies around the world for over two decades, has tered us great titles that allowed us to live amazing stories. No doubt Nintendo is a benchmark for many players adulthood and also for msjvenes, as both consoles and games focused estn now largely given to children.

Although also have a wide variety of games for fun with friends, where we can make various challenges to see who is the best. These challenges can be done in different ways, in some'll have to get the largest number of objects to gain and other dodging objects that pull us instead to make us fall.

Not only that, since for the fans to sing or dance also can do now gives. They have games that can measure his dancing skills against each other or their voices, while if you're a fan of sports games like Wii Fit can exercise at home and take off those kilos of ms.

Mario bros Games

Explore the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario Bros

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Pokémon Games

So that you become the best Pokémon trainer

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