Ninjas Games

Unfold the ninja saber to enter stealthily into martial arts gyms
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Ninjas Games

Acquire ninja skills to win

Trained to be a shade that blends with the night ninjas are the most lethal murderers on the planet. Trained from children in hidden martial arts including ninjutsu techniques, taekwondo and a dozen other martial arts. Not only must master these techniques of martial arts, as their training is not complete without become masters with all weapons to be used as swords and shurikens.

They are capable of prodigious things, like climbing buildings in a pestaeo or disappear in a smoke bomb. But also they are able to throw a shuriken at great distances without being discovered, like walking or running without making a sound.

If a ninja chasing you, there is nothing you can do to escape. Become a ninja authentic and train your skills in the secret dojo to master all the ancient techniques of murder. Times have changed but the ninjas have not changed, now face enemies now gives, so it is not uncommon to see ninjas faced with the mafia and even fighting zombies in a zombie apocalypse.

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