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Free Silent death Game
Silent death
These trained to kill your opponent without ...
Free Ninja vs mafia Game
Ninja vs mafia
You#39;re a very special ninja that wants ...
Free Ninja showdo Game
Ninja showdo
Performs this epic battle between ninjas ...
Free Ninjas vs samurái Game
Ninjas vs samurái
fighting game where you are a samurai who must fight ...
Free Bowja The ninja Game
Bowja The ninja
play this fighting game helps to recover the amulet ...
Free Ninja rampage Game
Ninja rampage
In this game you will get into the skin of a ninja ...
Free Super ninja shogun Game
Super ninja shogun
great game ninja and platforms where ...
Free Full metal alchemist Game
Full metal alchemist
Manga series Full Metal Alchemist ...
Free Ninja gaiden Game
Ninja gaiden
play this fighting game where you have to fight ...
Free 3 Foot Ninja Game
3 Foot Ninja
Youre the higher Ninja is now in school ...
Free Revenge ninja Game
Revenge ninja
your master ninja have laid a trap and is now dead, ...
Free Ninja plus 2 Game
Ninja plus 2
Collect all the magic coins you have in each phase ...
Free Ninja miner Game
Ninja miner
Play this fun maze game where you are a young ...
Free The ninja walker Game
The ninja walker
avanza levels with this ninja walker ...
Free Nasty fights ninjas Game
Nasty fights ninjas
with nasty fight against ninjas ...
Free Super House of Dead Ninjas Game
Super House of Dead Ninjas
you can not stop playing this fun game of ninja. ...
Free Super ninjaman Game
Super ninjaman
fun and entertaining ninja game where you must fight ...
Free Pacman fight Game
Pacman fight
accompanies our friend Pacman with a new style. ...
Free Fat Ninja Game
Fat Ninja
Help the fat ninja to sneak around the building ...
Free Super ninja strike Game
Super ninja strike
in this game you are a ninja and your mission ...
Free Cannon ninja Game
Cannon ninja
cannon in this game you have to shoot ninja ...
Free Ninja vs Zombies 2 Game
Ninja vs Zombies 2
plays another fun ninja game against ...
Free The way of the ninja Game
The way of the ninja
In this funny game you have to draw a safe path for the ninja ...
Free Welcome to Volcania Game
Welcome to Volcania
Volcania is a beautiful place where ...
Free Ninja Guiji 2 Game
Ninja Guiji 2
ninja game, which forms ...
Free Pirate vs Ninja Game
Pirate vs Ninja
Red Beard the pirate is a pissed off all the ninjas. ...
Free Maximum Ninja 2 Game
Maximum Ninja 2
In this animation we can see the great ...
Free Ninja vs zombie Game
Ninja vs zombie
The zombies are a plague that do not leave ...
Free Sniper ninja Game
Sniper ninja
You are a ninja and you have to kill your enemies ...
Free Ninja painter Game
Ninja painter
game where you will test your intelligence. you have to go about ...
Free Ninja atomic Game
Ninja atomic
move with the ninja by a hostile world ...
Free Foot ninja 3 Game
Foot ninja 3
play this fun ninja game where you have to get your girlfriend. ...
Free Armed With Wings Game
Armed With Wings
In this game you have to carry out a great ...
Free Be the Ninja Game
Be the Ninja
Come and transform into a ninja with this fabulous ...
Free Run ninja run Game
Run ninja run
you have kidnapped a band of ninjas and you#39;ve ...
Free Ninja mission Game
Ninja mission
learn to move like a real ninja to make money ...
Free Stealthy ninja Game
Stealthy ninja
you are training to be one of the best ninjas ...
Free Ninja Game
Black magic has taken over the souls ...
Free Ben ninja in mario world Game
Ben ninja in mario world
mario needs your help you help him rescue ...
Free Rope Ninja Game
Rope Ninja
Help the clumsy ninja overcome all the challenges. ...
Free Ninja dog Game
Ninja dog
This fun game is to throw the ninja dogs from a cannon ...

+ Ninjas Games

Free TMNT double damage Game
TMNT double damage
Ninja turtles have a new mission to carry ...
Free Ninja turtles king street Game
Ninja turtles king street
avanza levels fighting enemies ...
Free Ninja turtles puzzle Game
Ninja turtles puzzle
puzzle game where you have to put each piece ...
Free Ninja Turtles: rafael motorcycle Game
Ninja Turtles: rafael motorcycle
Rafael, one of the members of the Ninja ...
Free Ninja Turtles: Motocross Game
Ninja Turtles: Motocross
enjoy this great bike game with the ninja turtles. ...
Free Cook with a ninja Game
Cook with a ninja
in this game you handle a ninja you have to collect ...
Free Naruto: super jumps Game
Naruto: super jumps
Naruto in this game you have to jump super ...
Free Ball games: Ninja Game
Ball games: Ninja
Enjoy a game of balls with ninja. You must face your opponents ...
Free Naruto training Game
Naruto training
Naruto need to train and learn new fighting ...
Free Dress up the ninja turtles Game
Dress up the ninja turtles
in this fun dress up game ninja turtles can create ...
Free Naruto gg Game
Naruto gg
enjoying another fighting game with our friends ...
Free Ninja Room Escape Game
Ninja Room Escape
Solve the puzzle of Ninja Room escape ...
Free Creating scenes of Mortal Kombat Ninja Game
Creating scenes of Mortal Kombat Ninja
Create your own fight scenes Mortal ...
Free LEGO: Ninjago Game
LEGO: Ninjago
play blade blade with Lego ninjas. choose ...
Free Ninja turtle Game
Ninja turtle
you must handle a ninja turtle and kill every ...
Free Naruto in search of magic key Game
Naruto in search of magic key
Naruto has lost magic key that opens the coffers ...
Free Ninja Turtles: Racing 3d Game
Ninja Turtles: Racing 3d
mounted on the quad of the ninja turtles and participate ...
Free Ben 10: Last Samurai Game
Ben 10: Last Samurai
ben 10 has all the skills of a true samurai ...
Free Ninja Turtles: motocross 2 Game
Ninja Turtles: motocross 2
playing the second part of the ninja turtles ...


Ninjas Games

How to play ninjas free, no downloads

Trained to be a shade that blends with the night ninjas are the most lethal murderers on the planet. Trained from children in hidden martial arts including ninjutsu techniques, taekwondo and a dozen other martial arts. Not only must master these techniques of martial arts, as their training is not complete without become masters with all weapons to be used as swords and shurikens.

They are capable of prodigious things, like climbing buildings in a pestaeo or disappear in a smoke bomb. But also they are able to throw a shuriken at great distances without being discovered, like walking or running without making a sound.

If a ninja chasing you, there is nothing you can do to escape. Become a ninja authentic and train your skills in the secret dojo to master all the ancient techniques of murder. Times have changed but the ninjas have not changed, now face enemies now gives, so it is not uncommon to see ninjas faced with the mafia and even fighting zombies in a zombie apocalypse.

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