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The little fish Nemo, from the Disney Pixar movie, arrives at our gaming portal
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Nemo Games

Help us look for Nemo

A small fish with a small flap ms the other who loves to have fun exploring the sea ventured on a journey that never imagine. After being trapped by a human was taken to Sydney to an aquarium, without knowing how it got there and waiting for you in future meet new nemo fish who befriend.

Meanwhile his father who saw what happened is on the road to rescue him in this way he meets a fun Dori Tang fish to accompany you on your journey full of adventures. They will have to face terrible dangers, sharks are not what they seem and even pursue careers in a bank of jellyfish.

The race of jellyfish can be fatal to a small fish, because if one touches your fish this may become paralyzed and die or fall prey to other fish of larger size. Help now Nemo's father to reach his son dodging the obstacles of the way, because if does not reach to the small l certainly never could be released from the tank where it is.

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