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Help this boy to avenge the death of his family ...
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Prison escape
You are a Jew and you have caught the nacis ...
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Nacis zombies
the nacis have become zombies and you#39;re ...


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The world Nazi begins in 1933 with the arrival to power in Germany of the National Socialist German Workers Party, led by Adolf Hitler. This ideology reached its importance after imposing the losing side of World War peace terms alongside a severe global crisis, they plunged Germany into a major crisis. Nazism is a totalitarian ideology with fascist dyes in which you put the state above anything, and the head of the state is the dictator Hitler, with an idea of ​​conquering peoples considered inferior. It was a dark period in the history of Germany since the period is characterized by gruesome events on the Jewish population and which would lead to World War II.

The Nazis did thousands of experiments with humans and one of them came out very badly, did not expect the specimen to become zombies. Some dead come to life but meaningless, just move to eat brains and satisfy their hunger by eating human blood and guts, you just like if the body is alive, not called attention lifeless bodies. You can equip yourself with the best weapons to annihilate all virus infected V. Anyone who inhales the virus V or is bitten by a zombie Nazis, it will become a zombie and not return to its original shape zombies.

This and many other games with the Nazis as protagonists are already available on our website and have collected all in this magnificent category. Take on the ruthless army of Hitler and starts these exciting adventures on the German side. Do not miss these titles that we offer below!

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