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My favorite villain Games

My favorite villain Games

Being a villain is nothing easy, Gru knows it very well. After you decades of doing evil is rejected by the bank of evil, his brilliant plans are not valued enough to be funded and all because of another villain to consider more talented.

Our villain Gru faces the challenge of recovering the weapon reducing this has stolen, but using all tactics and weapons to enter the strength of the enemy have failed miserably. Now he has found a way to enter, take some pequeas girls boyscout to your mortal enemy opens the door without hesitation.

But what l do not know is that these three pequeas cambiarn his life completely. Help our friend to take over the shrink ray, to steal the moon or any other evil plans. Not alone because the minions you ayudarn on everything you need to achieve your goals, even if harna his awkward and fun.

Are you ready to unleash all the evil in you?

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