free Murderers Games

free Murderers Games

To win in these games you must remove your instinct as a murderer and frighten your victims until you get to end their lives. Become a serial killer and commit the bloodiest murders in history, anytime a murder can happen.

Murderers Games

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Murderer escapes 2: surgery
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Jungle murderers
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The chainsaw murderer
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Professional murderer
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+ Murderers Games

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Penguin Murderer
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Murderers Games

How to play murderers free, no downloads

Become a true professional murderer, he receives orders and eliminate the target without being discovered. Start your criminal career by getting rid of the problems of others, if you do well will go to your gangsters and other criminals to request your services.

He plans each murder to the smallest detail to leave nothing to chance, using all the tools to reach the target and eliminate it. Disables security systems as complex, eliminate security guards, lots of dogs and find the victim.

If you discover you have two options, fold and your reputation will suffer the risk that you do not re-hire or get all your arsenal and fight your way up shots the job done. Even in some orders the customer asks us to remove the target in a certain way or to give you a sample of the work has been done, since comets want to murder the most bloody.

You decide what kind of going to be professional and you're going to use weapons, you can specialize in knives, firearms or poisons to meet the goals and collect the money you deserve. The greater our best reputation will be paying for our services. You have to become a whole serial murderer wanted by the police, but make sure they get ever catch you. Play free these mini-games in which killing is your only mission and spread panic in the city will be your way of life. Enjoy these online games before it is too late to reach your victim!

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