Killer of ThievesOrganized crime
Jungle murderersThe murderer partyProfessional murdererThe Skull KidPolice murdererMurderer escapes 2: SurgeryTrue Crime ZombieSicario Kid

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Murderers Games

Embody multiple murderers and kill their victims

Become a real professional killer, receive orders and eliminate the target without being discovered. In the games of criminals you will start a criminal career getting rid of the problems of others, if you do it right they will go to your mobsters and other criminals to request your services.

Plan each murder down to the smallest detail to leave nothing to chance, use all the tools to reach the target and eliminate it. It disables the most complex security systems, eliminates security guards, raffles dogs and finds the victim.

Yandere Simulator Games

Conquer your Senpai with Yandere Simulator

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Saw Games

Face the gruesome Saw game

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