Murderers Games

To win these games you must take out your killer instinct and terrorize your victims
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Murderer escapes 2: SurgeryProfessional murdererThe murderer partyThe Skull KidTrue Crime ZombieOrganized crime

Other murderers games

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Murderers Games

Embody multiple murderers and kill their victims

Become a true professional killer with the killer games we have gathered in this category. Receive orders and eliminate the target without being discovered by the police to continue your criminal adventure. In the killer games you will start a criminal career by getting rid of the people who give trouble to your clients, if you do it right they will go to you gangsters and other criminals to request your services. To be a good murderer you will have to plan each murder taking into account even the smallest detail to leave nothing to chance. Use all the tools to reach the goal and eliminate it without a trace, as do professional killers.

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