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Mr President

The game Mr President became viral on YouTube and achieved great popularity. For you to know their protagonists we bring you some fabulous flash games that are a version this popular game of Mr President

Free Mr President game Game
Mr President game
Free Rambo Mr President Game
Rambo Mr President
Free Street Fighter Mr President Game
Street Fighter Mr President

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Mr President

Mr President Games

How to play Mr President free, no downloads

Mr President is a game that got a lot of popularity on the YouTube platform, thanks to many youtubers who dedicated a little of their time to enjoy this game. Fernanfloo, WillyRex, ITownGamePlay and many others were in charge of making viral this fantastic game of saving the president of the United States of America. The game is very simple, you have to control the bodyguard of the president and prevent a sniper from ending his life. You will have to stand in the path of the bullet to prevent the terrorist end the life of the president, proving your worth as a security guard and that you would be willing to do everything for your president. The game consists of going over levels that will rise in difficulty and increasingly difficult to save the life of the president.

The original game is to buy on the Steam platform but here you can play for free versions of this game. You will have to defend the presidents of the United States who are in danger and thus you can be part of your security template. You have multiple games in which to test your skills in the world of bodyguards at high levels. Get to work and save the president's life!

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