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🔥Buy streets and ruin your rivals

Become a millionaire in the classic game of Monopoly. Buy the largest number of streets, put hotels and houses so that your rivals pay more, leading to bankruptcy.

Monopoly is a very classic board game that began to be played at the beginning of the 1900s, when they began to be marketed throughout the United States, the years were 1935. As the name implies, you have to take the Monopoly of the game. You will have to roll the dice and advance squares according to the number that has come out. When you fall in a box without an owner you have the option to buy, otherwise the bank will auction it and the highest bidder will buy it. If you slip into a property, you are obliged to pay the fee, which will be higher if you have any building. To build houses, chalets or hotels you will have to be the owner of the entire street. The players who run out of money will be eliminated and the last player to win the Monopoly or run out of money will be the winner.

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