Mama Hazel: Ginger CookiesBaby Hazel is a pretty floristBaby Hazel has fun playing doctorBaby Hazel and her mom make a fun costumeBaby Hazel: Receive your newborn brotherBaby Hazel: Thanksgiving kitchenMama Hazel: Prepare Pepperoni PizzaClean the bathroom with Baby HazelMama Hazel: Prepare SandwichTurkey Cake PopsBaby Hazel dresses up as a ballet dancerMama Hazel: Prepare CannelloniMama Hazel: Prepare BurgersBaby Hazel: Sweet potato dessertMama Hazel: Prepare Banana SplitMama Hazel: Prepare Kebab ChickenSpooky CupcakesMama Hazel: Prepare CupcakesBaby Hazel: Learn social normsBaby Hazel: Sick of the stomach

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Baby Hazel has fun at her uncle Sam's farmBaby Hazel: Have fun at your tree houseBaby Hazel has fun as a mechanicBaby Hazel playtimeDress up Baby Hazel as an AstronautBaby Hazel: Garden TimeBaby Hazel: Modern HairstylesBaby Hazel dresses like a chocolate fairyBaby Hazel disguises herself as super heroineBaby Hazel: Have fun at the dinosaur parkBaby Hazel practices tennisBaby Hazel: Jack O-Lanterns PizzaBaby Hazel wears as a teacherBaby Hazel: Take care of your little brotherBaby Hazel: School PicnicBaby Hazel: Distracted in the kitchenBaby Hazel: Enjoy the rainy daysBaby Hazel: Time to Sleep

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Help Mama Hazel with her babies

Baby Hazel has become the most popular baby of online games but within his adventures a new figure has been born that has also taken a leading role. We are talking about Mama Hazel, who helps her little daughter in many of her adventures, especially in cooking because as we know, cooking at these ages should always be done in the company of an adult. In addition, she will also have to be aware of the little girl when she is sick, because she will be in charge of giving her care and pampering so that she recovers soon.

This and much more you can live with Mom Hazel, Dad Hazel and little Baby Hazel. Nor can you miss the game we were all waiting for and that is that Mama Hazel is waiting for her second baby, the brother of Baby Hazel. We will have to attend his birth and get the little one to reach the world safe and sound. Make Mama Hazel teach her children to help with housework and prepare for the real world by training their skills in various professions in these games of Mama Hazel and her children.

Baby Hazel's mother will also have her own adventures that she will live with the little girl in the family.

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