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Michael jackson Games

Michael jackson Games

Michael Jackson was one of the most recognized on the world stage both for its music, dances, and its privacy singers. The singer died in 2009 but is still alive in the hearts of many of his admirers. His songs will always be remembered and admired by music lovers, as Thriller or Billie Jean, and their dance steps will be eternal as the famous moonwalker. Michael Jackson will be remembered as the king of pop, as one of the artists who donated money to charity and as the musical artist with the most awards ever. In addition, his album Thriller holds the record of best-selling history.

All I had to do with Michael Jackson was said and popularized in a short time, one mistake and it was the target of jokes and meme on the net. That's why there are many games that will have as protagonist, plus games for platforms such as Wii, PS3 / PS4 or XBOX dance and sing in most cases come with a theme of this great artist.

Here we talk about the flash games, those fun games that take the figure of a character and really get to do unexpected things. Here the shift is Michael Jackson we will see face in a death struggle against Mario Bros. But the most common are to dance to Jackson or dress the singer to give a concert. Get in the dressing room of Michael and looking for a perfect look to astound its audience. Remember the best moments of Michael Jackson with these fantastic games in his honor!

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