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Metal Slug is one of the first classics of arcade games. You will have to fight with your soldier
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Metal slug Games

Beat the rival army in Metal Slug

Originally created for the Neo-Geo console in 1998, was born Metal Slug 2. An action game in two dimensions where the military escuadrn Peregrine Falcons fight against General Morden, to save the world from its tyrant.

Using a good arsenal of weapons and vehicles will defeat the minions generally initially will have a gun and a knife for combat. But we can pick up a variety of weapons as we progress through the levels, also available estn unusual tanks equipped with laser guns, machine guns or anything we imagine.

The weapons we can gather we find the laser, capable of disintegrating everything in its path beam. Fire grenades, replacing the normal grenades aadindoles effect molotov cocktail.

Amuse yourself with this arcade shooter that features a long series, in which Peregrine Falcons must save the world from different enemies.

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