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Medieval Games

Experience life in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is the historical period that begins after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476. This time period is characteristic for its castles, the division of society into classes and because in this period of construction begins cities. It is a period terminating with the discovery of America in 1492, when the modern era begins. It is a violent stage of constant invasions and wars and epidemic diseases that would reduce the population.

Discover one of the most important medieval games and build a kingdom. For this you must protect your people, while defending yourself from your enemies and collect resources, food, weapons and organize your army, giving them a clear objective win your enemies and rise to victory !. Prepare your host, train your army, soldiers, pikemen, archers, heavy cavalry, rams and heavy machinery, you can even use one of the greatest advances against your enemies, gunpowder But this advantage will help you to beat your rivals? . Are you prepared to fight your enemies and rise to victory?

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