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Free Shows in the shade Game
Shows in the shade
great puzzle game where you have to create ...
Free Koala Game
some mosses want to take over your house and you have to prevent ...
Free Pearls Before Swine Game
Pearls Before Swine
In this skill game you will have to use all the logic ...
Free Sorcerer warrior Game
Sorcerer warrior
You#39;re a great wizard and you can not ignore ...
Free Wizards vs goblin Game
Wizards vs goblin
you have been taught new spells to stop the goblin ...
Free The Illusionist Game
The Illusionist
platform game where you have to reach a specified ...
Free The magician Game
The magician
you're the best magician of the world and all viewers ...
Free Grounds Game
You have to take care of this magical ...
Free The power of Akinator Game
The power of Akinator
The genius Akinator bored to figure ...
Free Genius Akinator Game
Genius Akinator
You have stumbled upon the magic lamp of Akinator ...

+ Magic Games

Free Ellie Journey to Hogwarts Game
Ellie Journey to Hogwarts
Ellie was in her room when suddenly a letter ...
Free Pegasus Barbie puzzles Game
Pegasus Barbie puzzles
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus has come to our website ...
Free Magic and tactic Game
Magic and tactic
Free impressive spells packed battles ...
Free Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Game
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Face the massive hordes of the Order of the Phoenix ...
Free Monster master: War letters Game
Monster master: War letters
RPG like the magic cards where you have to defeat ...
Free Timmy Game
Timmy played with our friend in this great ...
Free Legend of the Void Chapter 2 Game
Legend of the Void Chapter 2
great RPG where you have to create your character ...
Free King of the Island 2 Game
King of the Island 2
you have to conquer a vast world full of enemies. ...
Free The dungeon forgotten Game
The dungeon forgotten
rpg great game where you need to explore the map to find the forgotten ...
Free The three wise men Game
The three wise men
Another great puzzle game to prove ...
Free Ben 10 halloween Game
Ben 10 halloween
on a Halloween night about bats, ...
Free Sized magician Game
Sized magician
You have the power to resize all beings and things ...
Free Esqueletor Game
you have become a living skeleton and your mission ...
Free Coloring the magician Pou Game
Coloring the magician Pou
Your friend Pou not only wants you to play with him, he also likes ...
Free Defense towers: Heroes Game
Defense towers: Heroes
strategy game where you have to put your soldiers ...
Free Halloween: trick or treat Game
Halloween: trick or treat
Now you can play trick or treating with Donald ...
Free Witch vs ghosts Game
Witch vs ghosts
Terrifying game in which the main characters are an evil witch ...
Free Crazy zombie 2 crossing heroes Game
Crazy zombie 2 crossing heroes
choose your favorite character as can be goku dragon ...
Free Fear unlimited arena Game
Fear unlimited arena
Fear Unlimited Arena is a fantastic role-playing ...
Free Last defense Game
Last defense
Our magic kingdom is being attacked ...
Free Lovely witch Game
Lovely witch
a version of the classic platform game, ...
Free Magic Potion Game
Magic Potion
Makes this ugly witch into a beautiful princess ...
Free Kuzco saves flames Game
Kuzco saves flames
emperor kuzco has to save the flames of yzma spell ...
Free Magic Game
Enjoy great magic trick ...
Free Growthland tale Game
Growthland tale
In this wonderful kingdom he had peace until ...
Free Alchemist child Game
Alchemist child
you are an apprentice alchemist and give you some missions, ...
Free Beset by dead Game
Beset by dead
at the age of castles, there was a time that was dark and she was always ...
Free Zelda Game
interacts through a world of fantasy ...
Free The rise of a king Game
The rise of a king
it all began when rebels began castles ...
Free Swords and sandals 2 Game
Swords and sandals 2
great fighting game where you have to create ...
Free Nether runner Game
Nether runner
great adventure game where monsters ...
Free Final fantasy sonic x Game
Final fantasy sonic x
Fantastic game where you will see our hero Sonic ...
Free Sonic rpg 5 Game
Sonic rpg 5
The protagonist of this game is none other ...
Free Disney Magic Slate Game
Disney Magic Slate
To have fun with this game you only need your imagination ...
Free Defense duel Game
Defense duel
New tower strategy game, where ...
Free The great slaughter Game
The great slaughter
platform game mixed with RPG. You are a great ...
Free The Fairly OddParents arkanoid Game
The Fairly OddParents arkanoid
Play this classic Breakout become the characters ...
Free Timmy magical adventure Game
Timmy magical adventure
Timmy must penetrate in a dangerous enchanted ...
Free Aladino looking treasure Game
Aladino looking treasure
Now you can play with Aladdin in this new adventure ...
Free Battle Lord of the Rings Game
Battle Lord of the Rings
This imitation of Gandalf must wage a fierce ...
Free King Arthur Game
King Arthur
the small King Arthur has to meet the magician ...
Free Naruto Sasuke trains Game
Naruto Sasuke trains
Naruto Sasuke has told a very good place to train. ...
Free Catacombs of hell Game
Catacombs of hell
dig into the catacombs of hell to steal ...
Free Kings Island 2 Game
Kings Island 2
for being a bad person you were sent to hell to cleanse ...
Free Spells, jewel Game
Spells, jewel
you#39;re a little wizard who leaves ...
Free Age of Defense 3 Game
Age of Defense 3
enjoy a game of fighting in the Paleolithic age, where ...
Free Danny fight with phanton Game
Danny fight with phanton
fight a battle with characters from the cartoon ...
Free Timmy and Tuner Game
Timmy and Tuner
Timmy have robbed his piggy bank as a pig, but he knows ...
Free Full metal alchemist Game
Full metal alchemist
Manga series Full Metal Alchemist ...


Magic Games

How to play magic free, no downloads

Magic can be a powerful means to solve problems or avoid major disasters. In these games, you need to master it and to help in everything you can to protect their secrets. Obviously these powers are not available to everyone, but for those who own the road is blurred and may end up in the path of evil. There are two types of magic, you just doing evil and white magic, with which you do good for others.

You'll have to fight the evil arts of those who succumbed to evil, so you'll encounter different scenarios that have something in common, they will be terrible. In one of them you have to fight skeletons soldiers besiege thy strength, these have been invoked by an evil necromancer who must defeat after crushing his army.

In another of these scenarios we defend one step away from the monsters who try to cross it, for that we invoke powerful defense towers to attack the monsters. Each of these towers have different abilities, such as slowing down the enemy or cause ongoing damage after a first stroke. To you to keep the balance between good and evil.

Learn spells and has the good with the gift of magic that has been bestowed upon you. Use your powers to help people and to defeat the evil possessing black magic. We also have magic games for the little ones where they will enjoy the tricks of a magician who makes his show and then to recreate themselves. Let be impressed by the world of magic with these fantastic games.

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