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Magic Games

Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful world of magic

Magic can be a powerful means to solve problems or avoid major disasters. In these games, you need to master it and to help in everything you can to protect their secrets. Obviously these powers are not available to everyone, but for those who own the road is blurred and may end up in the path of evil. There are two types of magic, you just doing evil and white magic, with which you do good for others.

You'll have to fight the evil arts of those who succumbed to evil, so you'll encounter different scenarios that have something in common, they will be terrible. In one of them you have to fight skeletons soldiers besiege thy strength, these have been invoked by an evil necromancer who must defeat after crushing his army.

In another of these scenarios we defend one step away from the monsters who try to cross it, for that we invoke powerful defense towers to attack the monsters. Each of these towers have different abilities, such as slowing down the enemy or cause ongoing damage after a first stroke. To you to keep the balance between good and evil.

Learn spells and has the good with the gift of magic that has been bestowed upon you. Use your powers to help people and to defeat the evil possessing black magic. We also have magic games for the little ones where they will enjoy the tricks of a magician who makes his show and then to recreate themselves. Let be impressed by the world of magic with these fantastic games.

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