free Madagascar Games

free Madagascar Games

The protagonists of the film DreamWorks Madagascar are willing to live their best online adventures. Now you can play free mini-games whose main characters are these crazy and funny animals.

Madagascar Games

Free Puzzle Madagascar 3 Game
Puzzle Madagascar 3
Free Madagascar: hidden lions Game
Madagascar: hidden lions
Free The Penguins of Madagascar Game
The Penguins of Madagascar
Free Madagascar 2 Game
Madagascar 2
Free Madagascar 3: hidden object Game
Madagascar 3: hidden object
Free Dance with the penguins of madagascar Game

+ Madagascar Games

Free Penguin: Mission Game
Penguin: Mission
Free Super brawl Game
Super brawl


Madagascar Games

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Zoo animals looking for a change of pace, go back to being free is what they think will make them happy. Among all these animals who want to change their life are Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hipoptamo. Although Sern not the only ones to join this crazy adventure as the penguins and King Julien unirn to escape the zoo, but each with its own plan.

Help these cute animals to try to escape the zoo with their different plans, everything must come to perfection because if only one of them is ATRS the plan fail. Also find some fun games that marginalize the escape plan, anmate to dance with penguins or King Julien in their estrambticos but divertidsimos dances.

Or live an exciting adventure with penguins in one of his missions command, in which only they return to the north pole to free the penguins of a new threat that plagues her beloved home. Fight against all enemies and solve the levels to save your home.

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