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Look after Games

One of the jobs that most often make teenagers is to care for young children of their neighbors or family, this seems simple but serve these small it is very difficult if you're not prepared, because not only have to watch them, too you have to feed them or clothe them. Also, if they are too small to be changed if they poop or pee, you must watch even when not playing for their mouths any dangerous or poisonous object.

All this is complicated if you have to care for more than one of these children or if it is a very bad boy who only seeks mischief, because in that case it is necessary to watch him at all times and wait for the worst. because as dawdle one second can spend a joke or police appear for some mischief neighbors. That is why you have to practice all you can after another against real children, learn to prepare delicious meals who love and fun games to keep them entertained.

You take care of newborn babies so famous girls like Barbie or Anna Frozen. Also these princesses when they were small as in the case of Rapunzel which have to bathe and comb her long hair when she was just a baby. Become the best nanny that these newborn babies may have.

But not everything will take care of babies and you can also become caretakers of animals. Dogs, horses, cats, hamsters and all types of pets will be put in your hands to receive the best care. You can do it from home or manage a nursery animals in which you must be aware of pets of all your customers. Get down to work with these virtual babies or the most adorable and become a gap between the most famous city caretakers pets.

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